Janet L. ​Haynes - artist

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20% OFF all current work in the Gallery through the end of January 2019!  Current collectors and new collectors, if you have seen a piece of my art that you have really been wanting to add to  your collection, now is the time!

There comes a time in every artist's journey where the need for change​ and evolution of their practice becomes a SHOUT instead of a quiet murmur.  My practice has evolved many times during my 50 odd years of creating art, but I am now being strongly pulled in new and different directions.  The studio is being rearranged and it is time to let some of my current work find new homes making way for the new work to come.  Please take advantage of this SALE to make some of my art your very own.  I hope you too will look forward to the changes and evolution coming soon.  It is all a process.  Experimenting, pushing, creating and evolving is a necessary part of the journey of being an artist.

JL Haynes

FIRST Ever Inventory Reduction January Sale

Echo in Johnson City

100 N. Nugent Avenue | Johnson City, TX 78636