Guardian of the Hobbit Gate
She stand as the guardian to the door leading into a world of mystery . . . 

Image:  19.5” x 25”
Frame: 30" x 40" Pastel on paper
They Come Out to Play at Night
​The forest is alive with creatures - you just have to open your mind to the possibilities of seeing them . . .

Image:  12” x 16”
Frame: 18" x 24" Pastel pencil on paper under glass
Unlikely Friends? Tree & Frog SOLD
You never know what you might find if you look beyond the obvious! Who is watching over whom?

Image:  5” x 7”
Frame: 11" x 14" Pastel pencil on Ampersand Pastelbord™ under glass
Yellow Bird - the tattoo . . .
(available at: Echo)
The bird is watching, the jokester is leering, how did this tree end up with all that hair AND a TATTOO?

​Image:  16” x 12” Frame: 24" x 18" Pastel pencil on paper under glass
Deer Whisperer
Do the deer have a guardian who watches over them during the night?

​Image:  20” x 16” Frame: 24" x 20" Pastel pencil and PanPastel® fixed with Spectrafix on Ampersand Pastelbord™

Full of Mystery . . . Visions from My Mind

This body of work consists of "Visions From My Mind" - These pastel paintings are from the fantasy world of the mind of Janet L. Haynes.  They are full of mystery, magic and surrealism; discover what may be going on, hidden in nature amongst trees in these original paintings.

Janet L. ​Haynes - artist

Johnson Settlement Muse - What can be found in the trees (available at: Echo)
A walk through the Johnson Settlement in Johnson City, Texas inspired this piece. If you look hard enough as you walk through the Settlement you will find this tree - although, perhaps not my muse - maybe only the black squirrel and I can see her!

Image:  12” x 16”
Frame: 18" x 24" Pastel pencil on paper under glass