Echo in Johnson City

100 N. Nugent Avenue, Ste A

Johnson City, TX 78636

Read my Artist’s Statement to learn more about me, then work your way through the pages of my portfolio to see the work that followed my Bastrop fires revelation. 

New Beginnings

. . . back to where I want to be

Creating art has long been the goal of my life.  With many wrong turns, distractions and delays behind me, these pages reflect the results of my recent artistic endeavors.

Seeing the tragic results of the Bastrop, Texas wildfire of 2011 spurred me to express my feelings through my art.

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Janet L. Haynes 
New Work . . . 

JLHaynes.studio Gallery:  Johnson City Art Walk - September 28, 2019  more info

 Current Showing Information:Featured Artist October 29, 2016 Art Walk at Echo in Johnson City more info »»

Explore with me the “Visions of my Mind” as I expand my artistic horizons and enjoy the journey I started 50+ years ago, as I express myself through my art.
»» Trees have always intrigued me; but after the Bastrop fires they took on even more meaning. View the art inspired by the Bastrop fires in my Tribute to Bastrop Texas Series here »».

Janet L. ​Haynes - artist